The Lookout


The Lookout, Acrylics, 12″ x 24″

I decided to do another crow painting. The Lookout features the beautiful view of the Olympic Mountains that we have on Dallas Road at the end of Cook Street in Victoria.

After my last exhibition, several people contacted me to buy the other crow painting Haters Gonne Hate (that piece that is not for sale because it is going to be part of a bigger project).  Since people in Victoria love crows (and I do too!), I wanted to make a piece that I can put up for sale for my next exhibition at the Moss Street Paint-In next July 15th.



Gotcha! (A big cat is still a cat…)


Gotcha! (A big cat is still a cat…), Acrylics, 24″ x 36″

I’m finally done! It seems like it took me a long time to work on this piece. My first “big” piece (2 feet by 3 feet).

I love cougars! I love how graphic their faces are and how their physique is sleek and graceful. However… they’re still cats! It’s hard to resist a swinging tail, even if you’re a majestic beast!

Thank you Deirdre (DeeOtter) for the amazing reference photo on DeviantArt and giving me permission to use it for my art.

I’m so thrilled that I finished this painting on time for the Fairfield Artist Studio Tour in which I will take part next weekend. Come see me and two other artists (Linda Skalenda and Valerie Wells) in the parking behind Mother Nature’s in Cook Street Village!


À bientôt!

I will always love you Girl! (Marsh Wren)


I will always love you Girl, Acrylics, 5″ x 7″

I realized that I didn’t paint any brown bird yet..  So, here’s a little marsh wren, singing its little heart out for the laaaaadies!

I’m still in the middle of painting my large cougar painting, but I thought I’d take a little break and add another piece to my little birds small paintings collection.

I hope to be able to finish that big painting by the end of the weekend! Then again, I might get side tracked by another small painting.. Ha!

À bientôt!



Goldfinch, Acrylics, 5″ x 7″

The fourth painting in the small birds series. We used to have so many goldfinches on our feeders when we lived in Quebec.

I love their super vibrant yellow colours. My son and I used to call them “flying lemons”. With the way they sing, I always imagined that they spoke Japanese for some reason, haha.

Thanks to Rodney Campbell on paintmyphoto for the reference picture.

I’m working on a large painting of cougars right now, but will continue to do a few small bird paintings (or other!) here and there.

À bientôt!

Bohemian Waxwing


Bohemian Waxwing, Acrylics, 5″ x 7″

The second painting in my small bird painting series that I’m planning on doing. I’m trying to get smaller paintings done quickly so that I can eventually get back to my initial project of doing one painting a day, along with bigger canvases on the side.

This guy was part of a band of (gypsies! -that’s a bohemian waxwing after all.. hehe) that emptied the tree of its berries in front of my old studio in Quebec City. They looked like a bunch of thieves with their little black masks on!

Waxwings have a special place in my heart. They are the first birds that I photographed many years ago that got me interested in bird watching. From then on, I was hooked!

Paintings to date


From most recent

Yesterday, I got into the process of updating and tweaking the photos of my art work so that they would be more true to the pieces. I also needed to do this in order to get some art cards printed!

It has been quite a challenge to get back into painting about a year and a half ago. I’ve decided to have a look back at what I’ve done and it’s really interesting to see the progress.

I came to the conclusion that I definitely want and need to be more productive..

At first, this blog was supposed to be about daily painting. It worked for the first few paintings, but I quickly realised that it wasn’t going to be possible to keep that up with my schedule and the level of detail that I was trying to achieve. But, I am thinking about giving it another try! It would be a great challenge and learning experience. I would really like for my pieces to be more painterly. So, maybe doing a few daily small paintings and doing a big one once in a while. We’ll see!

Otter Hosomaki

25_otterhosomakiOtter Hosomaki, 16″ x 20″, acrylics

Otters are some of my favorite animals! And I love sushi… so, tada!

I love how sea otters just float around on the ocean, almost as if they’re floating on clouds, just munching on any kind of sea creature (in this case, a sea urchin).

This piece was inspired by a picture taken by the photographer DeeOtter on Deviantart . It was so nice of her to let me use her awesome picture of Eddie the Otter (thank you!).

It took a while to paint, as I had to take a two weeks break between the start and finish of the piece. I don’t think I’ll do that again.. it’s very hard to get back into a started painting after a pause like that.

Since the spring is always a pretty busy time of the year for our family, I might just take on smaller pieces in the next little while.

I hope you enjoy! À bientôt 🙂

Why the long face?


“Why the long face?”  Acrylics, 14″ x 18″

Why the long face?” is the painting of a horse that I rode a few years ago, when I took my employees horseback riding. It was such a great day, lots of fun! I love the color of that horse’s coat and I was very happy that it was my ride.

Horses are more difficult to paint than I thought. The bone structure is so different than the other animals I have painted so far, I had to really study the anatomy to make sure that it was right. The nostrils, particularly, were really challenging. And the eyes. And the harness. haha, pretty much all of it!

I ended up doing a red oxide wash to try to convey the richness of that coat. I also used my airbrush to do the background. I’m slowly getting the hang of it and I really like the effect of depth that it brings to the background, without taking away from the main subject.

I think that my next painting will be on a smaller canvas. I need to be more productive! So, a few small ones before another big one should do the trick.

À bientôt!

APAD – A Painting a Day – Rose

2_rosemedRose, Acrylics, 6″ x 6″

My second paiting in my APAD (A Painting a Day) project. Also second painting in 12 years.

Again, I was trying to go for something simple, but it ended up being a bit more complicated than I expected!  This was a rose in Beacon Hill Park (awesome park!), on the verge of losing all its petals.

First APAD! A Painting a Day post. What’s up?


What’s up? Acrylics, 5″x7″

What’s up is my first painting in over 12 years, it is my first acrylics painting, and it’s my first small painting.. Phew, that’s a lot of newness!

I used to work primarily in oil and in pastels. So..

Why the change in media? Well, with the project of mixing glass and painting that I have in mind for the future, acrylics is the way to go.

Why so small? I’ve been reading a few awesome books about acrylics and I came across a “movement” (? – I guess you could call it that) where artists have decided to do one small piece of art a day as opposed to a big overwhelming piece every once in a while. Instead of agonizing over a project that takes a lot of time and soul and might just not work out in the end, the APAD strategy allows artists to develop their talents and skillz (yup, with a z) in a quicker and more steady way. If a painting sucks, then, no big deal! It was only a day project on a small canvas. Next!

Why not paint in 12 years? Cole, my son. I just love to blame things on him. Actually, my glass art started small and eventually took over and didn’t leave much time for painting. The rest of my time was very well filled up with.. so much! And the more time passed, the more scared I was to take up painting (or even drawing!). So.. tada! First try in 12 years.

About What’s up?

I wanted to try my hand at a fairly simple painting. Wow, that was naive of me! As soon as I started, I had an “uh-oh..” moment, especially when I realized that it was going to be quite the challenge to make the seal’s body appear shallowly underwater while the head remained above. Oh, and yeah, there was water to be painted. In acrylics. Not the same as with oils, but I eventually figured out a few things! Namely: do not sit on my palette. Bad idea.

This seal was painted from a photograph that I took at the Oak Bay Marina. He was the funniest guy. He seems very intense in this painting because a few moments after, he just kind of stood up and started to bang his fins on the water, waving his head for me to throw him some food. Awesome creature.

Sooo… that’s it! First post, first painting!

Two books that got me started again and really helped me with acrylics:

Compendium of Acrylic Painting Techniques

Daily Painting

À demain!