APAD – Snack Time


Snack Time, Acrylics, 6″ x 6″

Well, I’m back! Almost recovered from surgery (and I didn’t die, whoohoo!). I’m not 100% back in shape, but it helps to paint and get my mind somewhere else. I had to choose a simple subject to get back into it!

I got the picture here from deviant member dazzle-textures.

I hope you like it! Gotta find what I’m going to paint tomorrow. If anyone has suggestions for my upcoming paintings, don’t hesitate to comment!

APAD – Clementine (I guess it says it all!)


Clementine, Acrylics, 4″ x 6″

A Painting a Day

I decided to try my hand at another still life. I really wanted to work on a background painted with a palette knife and a different painting style. I find that trying to keep loose while painting is very difficult, but I guess it will come with practice.

APAD – A painting a day – Eggplants


Eggplants, Acrylics 4″ x 4″

I decided to try something new, a looser style, more painterly. This is a first attempt and I see a few things to do differently next time. Also, my reference image was floating cutout on a white background, so I know the background I’ve created is not quite right. That’s why I do this painting a day exercise, it helps me to learn more!