Boodah – The Australian Cattle Dog


Boodah – The Australian Cattle Dog, acrylics on canvas, 11″ x 14″

A new commissioned piece. Boodah is a lovely Australian cattle dog from Calgary. This dog was actually pretty fun to paint, especially the eyes and nose. And I just love that dog’s big ears!

The client wanted a simple background and she chose this light airy blue one. I feel like it really suits Boodah’s colouring. She also wanted me to include the red markings on his chest.

The original pictures were a bit challenging to work with, but I was able to “Frankenstein” a few together from Boodah’s earlier years.

These are the two pictures that I worked from:

This is the quick ” Frankenstein sketch” that I made, using an image editor:


I’m glad that I was able to fit in one commission before the holidays. I won’t be able to paint for a bit because we are going away for a few weeks.

I can’t wait to be back already to paint some more!

À bientôt!

Workshop – Animal eyes and Textures

2017-11-22 09.51.44

Last week, I gave my first art workshop. It was for a private art club here in Victoria, The Windsor Park Art Club.

The workshop was titled “Animal eyes and textures”. It was a simple 2 hours workshop. With this being my first workshop, I was, of course, overly prepared and optimistic in the amount of information I wanted to pass onto the attendees! I think I prepared for a full 2 days workshop instead, haha.

It went really well, but I didn’t get to cover as much material as I had hoped at first. I was able to explain and demonstrate two eyes, two fur textures and talk about the remainder.

To prepare for this workshop, I knew that I wouldn’t have much time to paint live, so I did a few run through examples beforehand. I gave myself a time limit of 10 minutes for each examples. That was quite the challenge, as I never painted so fast before! I actually liked doing that exercise as it forced me to be more concise right away and focus a lot less on tiny details.

Here are my ten minutes exercises:

I was only able to demonstrate the first four examples, but I think that it went well.

My next workshop will be at Opus Art Supplies in Victoria on Saturday, February 17, 2018. It will essentially be the same workshop, but tweaked for the right amount of time!


Got Fish?

Got Fish?, acrylics on canvas, 11″ x 14″

This is one of the many resident seals of the Oak Bay Marina (in Victoria) that love to put up a show for anyone willing to part with some fish!

It has been a long time since my last painting (and posting!). I had this little guy started in July.. then things got in the way. I just got around to finish working on him this week. It’s really hard to get back into a painting that you’ve left aside for a while. Hopefully I will be back to painting more regularly soon!

Solo exhibition – Fairfield Gonzales Community Association


Solo Exhibition – September & October 2017

Fairfield Gonzales Community Center – Art at The Place

I have my first solo exhibition! I am very excited to be the featured artist in September and October 2017. Come see my art in the foyer of the Fairfield Gonzales Community Association as of September 5th 2017.

I will have my original paintings, as well as art cards and art prints available for purchase.

Opening reception: Saturday, September 16 from 11am-1pm

1330 Fairfield Rd, Victoria, BC / 250-382-4604


Online Art Boutique

My online boutique for cards and original art is now open on my website! Check it out:





Lovebug, acrylics on canvas board, 6″ x 6″

Another quick little last minute painting before the Moss Street Paint-In this Saturday from 11am-4pm (spot #40, corner of Mackenzie, just south of Fairfield)! A bit out of my comfort level subject-wise, but I thought that this little bug was really cute with its heart shaped spot! Thanks to Eltasia on Deviant Art for the reference photo.

Hello, my name is Sam. I like nuts.


Hello, my name is Sam. I like nuts. Acrylics, 8″ x 10″

A quick little painting before the Moss Street Paint-In show.

I really liked the expression of this little guy. Squirrels are very expressive and I love their interactions with humans. We used to have a little guy like this (named Bob) who would just sit around on his hind legs and wait for his daily peanuts, right in front of our patio door in Quebec City. It drove the cats bonkers.

Thanks to Eltasia on DeviantArt for the great reference photo!

TD Art Gallery Paint-In (Moss st)


I will be spot #40! Come visit me at the TD Art Gallery Paint-In (Moss st) on July 15th. 170 local artists will line up the street. My spot will be on the corner of Mackenzie and Moss, just below Fairfield.



The Lookout


The Lookout, Acrylics, 12″ x 24″

I decided to do another crow painting. The Lookout features the beautiful view of the Olympic Mountains that we have on Dallas Road at the end of Cook Street in Victoria.

After my last exhibition, several people contacted me to buy the other crow painting Haters Gonne Hate (that piece that is not for sale because it is going to be part of a bigger project).  Since people in Victoria love crows (and I do too!), I wanted to make a piece that I can put up for sale for my next exhibition at the Moss Street Paint-In next July 15th.



Danny (The gentle therapy horse)


Danny (The gentle therapy horse), Acrylics on canvas, 16″ x 20″

Just got back from my trip to Quebec and was able to do the finishing touches to this commission. It is due tomorrow, so got it done on time, yay!

Danny is a very sweet, very gentle horse from the Victoria Therapeutic Riding Association, a great non-profit that uses horseback riding for people with disabilities. I was lucky to meet Danny for a photo shoot and was very impressed by him.

It is for a birthday present and I am really excited for the client to receive it tomorrow!

À bientôt 🙂