About Me


I work in my home studio on the rooftop of our building in Cook Street Village in gorgeous Victoria, British Columbia.

I share my life with two wonderful men: my husband Ross and my son Cole. They are the center of my life, and will often appear on these pages. They also bug me. And inspire me. And drive me crazy. And make me laugh. We have two furry beasts, Slinky and Jiji. They have issues. So, they fit right in!

I have been working with glass since 2004 and I love it! However, I have recently gone back to my first artistic love: painting. Since I have not painted in almost 12 years (at the time of this post in 2015), I’ve decided that it was time to get back to it. Eventually, I plan on mixing my two artistic love and create mix media pieces with glass and paint.. stay tune for those!

Aside from art, I love to cook, to take pictures, to learn stuff, to forget stuff, to laugh, to discover new things, to bug my son, my husband and our cats. I can go on and on because there’s just… so much!!!

Find out more about the stuff that I do on my website katto.com and visit my Etsy store Studio Katto Glass.