Workshop – Animal eyes and Textures

2017-11-22 09.51.44

Last week, I gave my first art workshop. It was for a private art club here in Victoria, The Windsor Park Art Club.

The workshop was titled “Animal eyes and textures”. It was a simple 2 hours workshop. With this being my first workshop, I was, of course, overly prepared and optimistic in the amount of information I wanted to pass onto the attendees! I think I prepared for a full 2 days workshop instead, haha.

It went really well, but I didn’t get to cover as much material as I had hoped at first. I was able to explain and demonstrate two eyes, two fur textures and talk about the remainder.

To prepare for this workshop, I knew that I wouldn’t have much time to paint live, so I did a few run through examples beforehand. I gave myself a time limit of 10 minutes for each examples. That was quite the challenge, as I never painted so fast before! I actually liked doing that exercise as it forced me to be more concise right away and focus a lot less on tiny details.

Here are my ten minutes exercises:

I was only able to demonstrate the first four examples, but I think that it went well.

My next workshop will be at Opus Art Supplies in Victoria on Saturday, February 17, 2018. It will essentially be the same workshop, but tweaked for the right amount of time!


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