Haters gonna hate


Haters gonna hate, Acrylics, 12″ x 24″

Aaah, at last! It seems like this piece took me forever to finish. I think the reason it felt like it took me so long was because I didn’t have lots of long stretch of time to work on it. Also it’s my biggest acrylic painting to date. But it’s done.

The background has gone through several stages, but I’m actually pleased with how it looks like blurry cherry blossoms in the distance. The tree trunk was done with my palette knife and a few glazes. I really wanted a nice contrast with the black of the crows and always liked the mixture of pink and black. I also tried to give the impression of the sun dappling through the tree onto the crows.

There are a lot of crows in Victoria and a lot of cherry trees! I love how the crows prance around. They also seem to have quite a complex social system going on. This was a painting that I created from several different pictures and observation. I thought that this scene could easily be transposed to humans..

What can I say, Haters gonna hate! hehe