Cook Street Village Annual Christmas Craft Sale

Christmas-craft-and-silent-auction-2015Cook Street Village Activity Centre’s Annual Christmas Craft Sale & Silent Auction

I will be selling my jewelry and paintings at the Cook Street Village Activity Centre’s Annual Craft Sale and Silent Auction on Saturday November 28th, 9:30am – 2:30pm. Come say hi and check out my glass jewelry and paintings!



Showtime! Acrylics, 16″ x 20″

At last!!! It’s finished. It took me a few days, spread over almost two weeks, but I got it done.

This is painted from a picture taken of ones of several peacocks that live in Beacon Hill Park, an awesome park that is almost in our backyard. This guy was really showing off, shaking his booty, prancing around. Just what you would expect from a very male peacock!

Those tail feathers were quite the challenge. Of course, it had to be for my first bigger painting! However, I learned a lot by doing this piece. Also, I found it much easier to add layers to the feathers with acrylics than it would have been with oil (for me anyway!). Overall though, I’m happy with the look – I wasn’t so sure about it when it got to the ugly stage, but it turned out ok.

Now I can move on to something else! I just hope I will have some free time to paint soon.

À bientôt!

Work in Progress – Peacock part 3


I finally finished the tail. It took much longer than expected, but I can see the end of the painting getting closer. Hopefully one more session (or two)!

To be continued…

Work in Progress – Peacock part 2


Well, this is going much slower than I thought. Although, to be fair, I have not had much time to work on it. But, it’s coming along! I still need to finish the background with all the feathers before attacking the bird’s body. Some washes will bring those back feathers to life in my next step!

I really don’t like the in-between stage for all my paintings, it always looks like it’s not going anywhere.. until the haha moment! I’m looking forward to the haha moment stage 🙂 I’m also not too crazy about the interaction between my teal underpainting and the terracotta inside the feathers. Still missing the dark spot in the eye feathers too. That will make a difference once these are in and the blue of the bird is painted.

Hopefully the next post will be of a finished painting! Stay tuned.

À bientôt!

Work in Progress – Peacock


This is what I was finally able to start working on today. I decided to break away from the small canvases and go for a medium-ish size, 16″ x 20″. Quite different than working on a 4″ x 6″!

Hopefully I will get a chance to work more on it this weekend, otherwise, Monday.

I’m still plotting my moves..! To be continued…

Tropical water study


Tropical water study, Acrylics, 8″ x 10″

Today I finished the piece I started yesterday, working on my water skills. I need to do more practice! It’s a good thing to do when my painting time is limited.

I really admire people who can paint from thin air (i.e. just their imagination). I find it soooo hard. It’s much easier for me to work with an image than to “wing it”.

This is tropical water, seen from above (probably a cliff or some high point), somewhere warm – where it would be awesome to be right now! Too bad the reef that I painted in the underpainting doesn’t show much, but I ended up painting a much broader view than I first planned, so it disappeared under all the swells.

Work in Progress – Water


Tropical water (work in progress, part 1), acrylics, 8″ x 10″

I’ve been working on water today, mostly with blending. I didn’t have much time to paint (again, argh!) due to some obligations, so I thought I’d give a go at working on my water skills. Right now, this is the ocean bottom of a tropical water scene, with a few small reefs. I will work on completing it tomorrow, with reflections and refractions. Blending is not that easy with acrylics when you don’t have a retarding medium, but I think it’s getting there. I wanted the gradation to be a smooth transition, but not so smooth as to not show any brush strokes.

Part 2 tomorrow!