Who are you gonna call? A Ghostbusters Halloween!


This is what I’ve been up to this week instead of painting! I’ve been working on my son’s Ghostbuster costume.

IMG_20151025_153817 IMG_20151025_153312

The ghosts are made out of plastic wrap and clear packing tape and have battery powered LED lights inside.


The green ghost is taped to a mini vacuum, held in place with a little stick velcroed in place inside the mouth of the vacuum and inside the ghost. The vacuum is attached with a zip tie to a guitar strap.

IMG_20151030_072635 IMG_20151029_114051

The backpack is simply an old backpack with random things that we found at home, held on by industrial velcro (very important to have the industrial strength one!). A toy car remote control, the vacuum’s hose, an ethernet cable, pagers motherboards and LED shoe lace. The vacuum’s cord goes inside the backpack. The purple ghost is velcroed onto the shoulder strap.


The outfit itself is simply some painter’s coveralls. That’s the only thing that I actually bought for this costume. Everything else was with things from around the house. I printed the Ghostbusters logo and plastified it with clear tape.


The look was completed by night vision goggles that was part of an older spy kit.

Sooo… Who are you gonna call?!!


Back to painting next week! 🙂 À bientôt!


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