APAD – Jiji (the black cat saga)


Jiji, acrylics, 5″ x 7″

Now, that was a challenge! Painting black fur sucks, but when you succeed, it’s a proud moment. This is a portrait of my cat Jiji. He’s a short hair black cat with a little white patch on his chest. He’s a very “aware” kind of cat (as opposed to our other cat who is, let’s just say, less than aware – but he’s pretty!).

When we lived in Quebec City, Jiji was roaming the neighbourhood, hunting for prey. He brought us numerous shrews (iewwss) and birds. Even brought down a crow and got a squirrel. He’s an indoor cat in our condo now. His favorite thing to do is to just sit in my husband’s office to watch the Hamster (M.C. Hamster, yup, can’t touch this!).

I’m off to get surgery tomorrow. I got an ankle fusion surgery back in the spring, and a metal wire is broken now in my ankle. They have to remove it (argh). So, hopefully I will be back to my paintbrushes next week!


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