Aargh, technology!

Well, it looks like I might not have time to paint today… sigh..

My phone was plugged in last night, but didn’t charge. So, the battery totally emptied out and it did not want to boot up. Crisis ensued.

I can’t believe how dependant we are of these little machines! I am expecting an important phone call for my upcoming surgery this Friday and that’s the only way for the hospital to reach me. Soooo, I spent the last two hours trying to revive it.

And I succeeded! I feel like I’ve conquered over technology. Yeah!

The phone did not want to boot, whatsoever. I have a Nexus 5, so, if something like this happens to you, here’s what I did.

I swore.

Then I plugged it in for a half hour, didn’t do much. Continued for an hour. Then, I pushed all the buttons in random order for various times. Very methodically (ah, more like panicky!). Really, what worked was to push both the volume up and down, along with the power button – at the same time – for at least one full minute, while plugged into a computer. Then unplug for less than 10 seconds, plug back and repeat. It goes to a forced manual reboot and then you just push on the power button to have it boot up.

Then I showed my opposable thumbs to my cats, so they could envy how evolved I was and show how I conquered technology. I can tell they were impressed.


Hopefully I’ll get some painting done today, otherwise, it will be tomorrow. À bientôt!


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