APAD – Dive in!


Dive in! Acrylics, 4″ x 6″

My son is a national level diver with the Boardworks team here in Victoria. So, I’ve spent many many many hours on the side of the pool and it is an integral part of our family life.

I love to watch the divers. They are so graceful, yet so strong and powerful and must control every movement with precision and finesse. I plan on eventually do a nice series of diving paintings. However, as I quickly discovered today, painting on such a small format is far from ideal for this type of painting. I definitely need to move on to a bigger size for the next diving piece.

The background of the picture was a pretty blah yellow green, way too similar in value to the my son’s skin tone. So, I tried to go for a contrasting color.

This is slowly bringing be towards my dreaded (but exciting!)next subject: portrait!


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