What I want this blog to be, and what it most likely won’t be!


I guess I should have started with this post first!

This blog will be a place for me to share with people (my peeps!) things that I create, that I’m interested in, that I’m passionate about. Pretty much, whatever I’m doing and what’s on my mind.

Mainly though, I first created this blog to be an online diary of my APAD creations. A Painting a Day. Actually, I think I should rename that for A Project a Day. Mostly, it will be acrylic paintings, but also drawings, pastels, watercolor, etc. I will also include some posts about my glass jewelry! And, as far as APAD is concerned, I’m really going to try to get it done everyday, althoug weekends might be harder to keep up. Gotta keep the kiddo busy!

I want to also add recipes that I make, home projects, interesting things that I see, things I find funny, moving, annoying, fluffy. There’s just so much..!

Enjoy and welcome to my world!


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