First APAD! A Painting a Day post. What’s up?


What’s up? Acrylics, 5″x7″

What’s up is my first painting in over 12 years, it is my first acrylics painting, and it’s my first small painting.. Phew, that’s a lot of newness!

I used to work primarily in oil and in pastels. So..

Why the change in media? Well, with the project of mixing glass and painting that I have in mind for the future, acrylics is the way to go.

Why so small? I’ve been reading a few awesome books about acrylics and I came across a “movement” (? – I guess you could call it that) where artists have decided to do one small piece of art a day as opposed to a big overwhelming piece every once in a while. Instead of agonizing over a project that takes a lot of time and soul and might just not work out in the end, the APAD strategy allows artists to develop their talents and skillz (yup, with a z) in a quicker and more steady way. If a painting sucks, then, no big deal! It was only a day project on a small canvas. Next!

Why not paint in 12 years? Cole, my son. I just love to blame things on him. Actually, my glass art started small and eventually took over and didn’t leave much time for painting. The rest of my time was very well filled up with.. so much! And the more time passed, the more scared I was to take up painting (or even drawing!). So.. tada! First try in 12 years.

About What’s up?

I wanted to try my hand at a fairly simple painting. Wow, that was naive of me! As soon as I started, I had an “uh-oh..” moment, especially when I realized that it was going to be quite the challenge to make the seal’s body appear shallowly underwater while the head remained above. Oh, and yeah, there was water to be painted. In acrylics. Not the same as with oils, but I eventually figured out a few things! Namely: do not sit on my palette. Bad idea.

This seal was painted from a photograph that I took at the Oak Bay Marina. He was the funniest guy. He seems very intense in this painting because a few moments after, he just kind of stood up and started to bang his fins on the water, waving his head for me to throw him some food. Awesome creature.

Sooo… that’s it! First post, first painting!

Two books that got me started again and really helped me with acrylics:

Compendium of Acrylic Painting Techniques

Daily Painting

À demain!


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